All artworks on this website are originals created by me.  All are for sale unless otherwise noted.  Prices vary, but are based on size.  Calligraphy pieces are approximately USD 1.00 per square inch;  brush paintings can be up to USD 2.50 per square inch.  Repeat patrons receive a discount on all pricing as a reward for their loyalty and support.  My prices have remained steady in slower economic periods, but will consistently increase over time.  This insures that purchase of my artwork is a sound investment of enduring and increasing value.   To be fair to my established customers I do not offer any special "fire sales",  closeouts or bargains.  Ever.  Occasionally I also create original  computer graphic artwork.  These of course are reproducible on a variety of media.  Their price point is, as a result, flexible.  Please e-mail for more information.  Enjoy! 

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