The Black Ink Project is a collaborative work of essays, poetry, and ink paintings that explore the connections between the Japanese martial arts of aikido and iaido and the fine art of sumi-e. The text reflects the synergy between the fine arts and the martial arts. While this is not a new concept, these arts are often viewed individually and separate from their roots. Here they are reunited in a shared dimension of self-awareness.

These elegant gift books offer insight into the creative process for both fine and martial arts. The arts mesh on each page as they were traditionally used—as tools for sharpening skills and attaining enlightenment. Vol. 2, Shibumi continues the journey begun in Vol. 1 Black Ink: Entering Spirit and Form. As happens on any journey, both the places visited and the travelers change in ways subtle and plain in the process.

Black Ink, Volumes 1 and 2

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Black Ink: Entering Spirit and Form.

Due to demand we have a second edition of Vol 1 now available. ISBN 0-9707185-1-9

Black Ink: Vol.2—Shibumi

ISBN 978-0-9830713-1-0

Billy the Bullfrog

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Billy the Bullfrog

A delightful children’s book! Available at the Madrona Marsh Nature Center Gift Shop, Torrance, CA and by e-mail order:   $18.99+tax/S&H

Inspired by the book, the Billy Bullfrog sock toy companion is also available. Billy Sockfrog toy by Doll Artist Trina Neher Ross $11.99 +tax/S&H Available by e-mail order:

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